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Welcome to Metal Rules Records. We are a new label which is owned by Metal-Rules.com. In late July 2004 we signed our first band (VIPERINE) and released their CD. We are currently working on getting the band covered in all the major metal zines.

As well, we are currently working on securing distribution channels for Viperine. At present you can order

THE PREDATOR AWAKENS online at http://www.metal-rules.com/CD/viperine/. If you know of a distro looking to carry an up and coming kick ass true metal band, contact us!

Press reviews for THE PREDATOR AWAKENS are slowly trickling in. Below is a gathering of review snippets from various publications.

Beat The Blizzard
Rating: 7.5/10
"...this release is definitely a must for fans of older Manowar."
- Full Review


Bright Eyes Germany:
Rating: 10/13

- Full Review (In German)


Sacred Metal:
- Full Review (In German)



Rating: 7.5/10
"Viperine actually do have quite a lot of good, and in some cases excellent, ideas. Just look at the introductory kick-in-the -ass "Like a Viper", or the humongously catchy "Heartblood", this is quality! Running Wild meets Manowar meets Judas Priest."
- Full Review (In Swedish)


VIPERINE play great Heavy Metal, the correct way. Originating from Sweden and obviously influenced by HELLOWEEN or MANOWAR, these four musicians take no prisoners."
- Full Review
(In German)

"This follow-up band (to Winterlong) mostly skips the tralala crap and is much more aggressive. Here the choruses sound more like "Walls Of Jericho" or really old Scandinavian stuff instead of RHAPSODY. In addition to that, there's raw and really cool vocals and a few progressive influences that mainly show in the arrangements."
- Full review in German will be in the RockHard print magazine prior to it's online release.

"Savage in nature and victorious in battle, "The Predator Awakens" is a welcomed return to the days of true old-school style heavy metal, paying reverence to the early works of such classic bands as MANOWAR, IRON MAIDEN and SAVATAGE."

- Full Review

Transcending the Mundane:
"If you loved Manowar’s first four albums and wonder what might have been had that sound kept evolving, then The Predator Awakens is an album you MUST hear. This puts anything post-Sign Of The Hammer to shame. It will be interesting to see where this band goes next."
- Full Review / Interview



Contact info:
Metal Rules Records
E-mail: metalhead@metal-rules.com
Web: http://mrr.metal-rules.com


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Reviews for Viperine's THE PREDATOR AWAKENS can now be read in the following fine metal publications:
  • Beat The Blizzard
  • Bright Eyes Germany
  • SacredMetal.de
  • MetalHeart.se
  • PowerMetal.de
  • RockHard.de
  • Metaleater.com
  • Transcending the Mundane